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Acrylic Impregnated PU Foam Tape (ACRY-FOAM TAPE)

Description & Technical Informations

• Producing One Side Acrylic Adhesive of Acrylic Impregnated PU Foam Tape which has a great

application feature for filling the irregular gaps by x5 thickness expansion after openning the


• 50 Kg/m3, 85 Kg/m3 and 110 Kg/m3 density alternatives,

• Fire Behaviour: B1 (hardly inflammable) according to DIN 4102-1,

• -40 0 C to +140 0 C working temperature range,

• Driven-rain tight up to >600 Pa,

• The important specialty is after %60-%70 thickness compression then it fulfills the

requirements of water, oil, air and dust sealing,

• There are mainly three grades of tapes that are InDoor use, Indoor-OutDoor use and

OutDoor use; depends on the application area and conditions (e.g. Temperature, UV lights ,

Acid rains, Solvents, etc.) offering the right grade of tape with the cost effective solutions,

• The application areas in construction & Building in slitted roll forms, Automotive and White-

Good Applications in slitted roll and die-cut forms.