OTTE Türkçe
Non-Crosslinked PE Foam (NPE)
  • Closed Cell Non-Crosslinked Polyethylene Foam,
  • 30-35 Kg/m3 density,
  • -800C to +800C working temperature range,
  • 0,040 W/mK thermal conductivity,
  • From 1mm to 10mm thickness alternatives within Rolls / Sheet / Pipes                                            (Multi-Layer laminations are available upper then 10mm thickness)
  • Colored PE Film or Metalized Aluminium Foil laminations are available,
  • Ideal to use for Protective purposed packaging applications such as TV, Computer and other Electronic, Medical, Measuring Devices, etc. Also, suitable to use in Glass and Furnitures’ transportation with the U – L – V shape of NPE Profile Foam.

  • In construction sector mostly applied under laminates to abrsorb the noise, vibration damping and thermal insulation as having a cost effective solution.
  • Standard colors: Grey, White, Red, Yellow and Blue. Other colors are available upon request.
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