OTTE Türkçe
Eter based PU Filter Foam
  • Reticulated Flexible Polyeter based PU Filter Foam,
  • 25-35 Kg/m3 density,
  • Available in 10 PPI, 20 PPI, 30 PPI and 45 PPI (PPI: Pores per Inch),
  • From 5 mm to 450 mm thickness available,
  • Standart sheet size: 1570 mm x 2000 mm, die-cutting is also possible depends on the required dimensions,
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-mildew and anti-fungal feature, and does not allow grow any of these.
  • Re-usuable after washing and cleaning,
  • Ideal to use especially for water filtration in Aquariums, Pools and in Water Tanks, etc.
  • Standard color: Black and Blue, other colors are available upon request.