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Butyl Tape

One side of Butyl can be laminated with;

  • Aluminium Foil                        : Used in Roof Sealing, HVAC, Metalic Construction, Automotive app.
  • Copper Foil                              : Used in Roof Sealing, HVAC, Industrial applications.
  • Polyethylene Film                   : Used in HVAC, Thermal Insulation and Cold Rooms
  • Non-Woven Fabric                 : Used in Substrate Constr. Chemicals, Sealing and Thermal Insulation.
  • Anti-Vibration property,
  • Very good in vapor barrier,
  • B2 classification Fire Resistance,
  • -300C to +800C  working temperature range,
  • White color Siliconized Paper Release Liner
    Color of Butyl: Light Grey 
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